null/point - Obdormiscere

Having recently completed and offered here the first manifesto of Void Sigil material, I thought I would take this opportunity to upload some of my older null/point work as well, to provide some insight into the evolution of what became the Void Sigil philosophy. One of the later null/point experiments, this track, as I said at the time, " an experimental ambient track designed to gradually reduce the listener's brainwaves from an Beta state of wakefulness to the Delta state approximating deep sleep. I have incorporated elements of white noise and carrier tones employing the principles of binaural beat frequencies, which I will explain more fully in a subsequent post. To take advantage of these elements, however, you will need to listen using stereo headphones with a full frequency response, not ear buds or speakers. It is intended to be heard in darkness with closed eyes, in a comfortable seated or reclined position. It can also be listened to in any other circumstances as a piece of ambient sound design, if you would prefer."