null/point - Bandersnatch!

Bandersnatch!, which I recorded during the summer and autumn of 2011, was the first null/point music I had released in four years, and the first album to incorporate the full scope of the null/point project, as well as establishing an aesthetic of salvaging culture-specific musical symbolism and motifs that would become one of the central concepts of Void Sigil (The first two albums of null/point material, Technologies Of The Sacred volumes 1 and 2, still survive, and remixing and reissuing them, likely in the context of a Void Sigil release, is slowly climbing my list of priorities). I was working on these tracks at a time when circumstances had recently freed me from a professional obligation to listen primarily to a fairly narrow range of music, and during a period that saw me move, in a fairly short period of time, from California to Washington state to northern Scotland. Perhaps because of these factors, the album sounds a bit schizophrenic; a machine gun-quick ricochet through a wide variety of styles and sounds. Still, now armed with two years' worth of hindsight, I enjoy the mixtape-like quality of the album.