img3081836_9c4e74756b17510e SM.jpg

Hidden enough in beaks to get

partially mutually intelligible,

away they quake.
Bots fly flung from moorings. There they’ll be, but for few.

Time anyway, lost into the “lost.”
Pew-bound birds algorithmic spaced.

In-geared world, cowed phenomenological,

and the acrylamide to pies, pus out,

epics with pony livers, pool in seniority.

Vaporous of past as the drawing awe.

Language hide-bound, awoken in the thorns.
Expiring the acidic delta, to the educated singe, undone tide.

ᑕɭїɔӄ ʆөŕ ʄцlʟ яєֆőʟʊтɩ⊚ŋ