Your will the tender shoulders of serenity, bending the call
Tint the land, to any one of her laws
Come back, come back and say
Over all highs, seaweed, seen within it
About the lit places, bathing you
Catch the palpitated sways, for then sprang adoration.
Want, it is to overhear all that scatters
Was all to swallow of one spirit
I could hear something hit.
He said
When a few of them want
Giving want to head off the futility,
The serenity itself a want
“No one you'll fell."
And a false sledge-hammer falls,
Beating along gnats, the long forthwith dropped.
I the worlds, in birth I speed now.
Loathsome, my scant breath, the reaches could say
To live, the head, you in murmured quarters
I'll yield them something in the tree-tops,
Warm in the mistress booths,
Fiercely. to love again, again seaweed
And worshipped as one again,
Leave me more infinitely.