Mission Update

With the release of the fourth Cultural Propaganda Archive, I have now made available all of the accumulated Void Sigil material from the first year and a half since the inception of the project, a period which I'll title the 'first stage.' As I've explored the parameters of the project in that time, I've both refined and expanded the auditory aesthetic of the Void Sigil, and going forward into the second stage of releases, I will be adapting the visual aesthetic to bring it closer in line with the concept of Void Sigil as truly culturally and systemically unburdened. With this in mind, I will be moving away from the restrictions of track and album titles, and will generally avoid written language on album covers and other visual materials. There will be two transitional pieces of material released very soon as a sort of palette cleansing, then I will resume further Void Sigil releases, titling them simply in the order of their composition.