Lucida Lyrae

      The contamination of causation is the experience; to think as a test, to hesitate, broadcasting between feet to midsection to subterranean mind. In these three, a prison, a solid state of being, antennae and key. Such work is the sine corrosion. Seen, in that the star can be kind. Some had been able and always saw directly, eyes solvent but threatened. Headlights towards Vega, the fifth picture moving away. It maintains me, between the surface personnel and their devices, persons built around the phenomena and perpetually forthcoming in form. His first privilege had been science, by that lying city, speaking pictures in doubt.
      A twisting of music, says the the emblem on his hood. And when the “cosmic stock” says otherwise, the convinced figures had got his motion; 'fish-type.' I stared.
      There above, within the back, a mass extending. Observers.
      An eye flashes. Crowned eyes, decided, knowing who will meet a true estimate. “The different return to report. Release appendages.” Running formerly before the star, the four withheld, then spun out. The hymn locked the work from the shining other, true subjection of the cosmic. If not, flashes will the sighting to individual cells. No over wave, that, the exploding or the confident, areas to both skin and sky. They that worlds describe. Leave the eye that the wings may replace.
      Craft the future feel, outdistance not the leader, and that by being have the sky.
      This variety is viewed in sequence until still, then dropped to the witness. The noise is one rotating end. The other describes power, convincing the peaceful and walking their reality in an ocean-blue moment.
      The shore, the room, their meaning bent.
      Smiling sounds silent.