Welcome to Void Sigil Records. Void Sigil as an audio and audio-visual project is the evolution of my former project, null/point, and Void Sigil Records is the label under which I publish music and other audio. This space exists as a place to share the ongoing Void Sigil project, and, on occasion, to collect other work including the older work of null/point and various other projects. I openly admit that my aim is to create interesting and original material that is not necessarily accessible or enjoyable, but to whatever degree you enjoy it, I hope you find it worth your while, and thank you for your interest. I will also be adding written posts from time to time, and while I would like to see Void Sigil and null/point as extensions of a certain facet of myself, your opinion of anything I write regarding any subject other than my own material will not necessarily be connected to or synchronous with your appreciation of the Void Sigil project itself. At least to begin with, I will be posting tracks and works from the significant backlog of null/point material which laid the foundations of the Void Sigil project, interspersed with whatever I've been working on lately, so bear with me, and stay tuned for different developments to come. Again, thank you, and welcome.