Void Sigil is an experimental audio project incorporating elements from styles including (but not limited to) noise, drone, ambient, industrial, musique concrète, electroacoustic music, experimental electronic music, and Dada.

Void Sigil is the cross-pollination of this audio exploration with other media, including (but not limited to) visual art, databending, asemic writing, animation, experimental film, graphic novels, glich art, cut-up, and mixed media.

Void Sigil is a speculative philosophy, focusing on the aesthetic value of audiovisual art to individuals at a purely subjective level, removed from shared patterns and structures of false objectivity.

Void Sigil is intended to stand apart from any cultural tradition, musical, aesthetic, or otherwise, and to promote the concept of active culture; a perspective based on conscious analysis and assimilation of information and not the passive reception of dogmatic value.

Void Sigil was initiated in 2013.

Void Sigil may respond to communication sent to voidsigil@gmail.com